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School Break/Summer Camp

Join in on the Fun!

School Break

School Break is for when school is out for No School Days and Holiday Breaks. There is an charge on these days.  Drop off starts at 7:30am with a pick up at 6:00pm.  The parent will need to provide a healthy snack, lunch and water bottle. Your child will have Taekwondo class during the day.  We will go to parks, historical places and other fun activities.


Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp provides an exciting fun-filled program for children whose parents are in need of childcare or is looking for activities for their child that is organized and learning experiences. Your child is supervised by instructors who are devoted to the child's welfare.  Healthy snack, lunch and water bottle will need to be provided by the parent. The child will also have Taekwondo class during the day. Drop off starts at 7:30am with a pick up time by 6:00pm. There is a weekly payment.

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